The poisoner Ivanyutina. She was shot later than we thought

Едуард Андрющенко

One of the most popular articles on our website is the story of Tamara Ivanyutina, the last woman shot in the USSR. Read it if you haven’t already. In short, a dishwasher from a Kyiv school killed students (and not only them) with poison.

It so happened that there was an inaccuracy in the very title of our article (we have already corrected it). This error is repeated in all publications about Ivanyutina, starting with Wikipedia, without exception. Everywhere it is indicated that she was shot in 1987 – the same year that she committed her last crime at school and was arrested. But now, thanks to archival documents, we are correcting this mistake.

So, the exact, document-confirmed date of the murderer’s execution: December 6, 1990. Processes with such a large number of defendants and victims usually last a long time – and Ivanyutina also filed an appeal against the sentence and asked for clemency.